The Travelling Tailor

1. Contact Us

Make a time to meet with one of our Tailors. Let us know what you need, what it’s for and how fast you will be needing it done so we can come well prepared.


2. We measure you up

This is important, the power of a well-fitted and well-tailored suit is often underestimated! Upon meeting, we’ll have your requested apparel ready along with a range of quality  fabric swatches should you require something made to measure.


3. Styling & Alterations

Our team will use their skill and knowledge to add the final touches to your ensemble. Not sure about fixing a bow tie or a pocket square? No worries, we’ve got you covered. After we have chosen your gear and have taken down your measurements, we organise the tailoring of your garments should you need any.



4. Pick up or deliver

Once everything is ready, we will want to double check everything with a final fitting. Here we’ll knuckle down on the final details. When its all good to go, we can arrange a pick up or delivery of your apparel.



5. We are still a call away

Stay in touch! If you have an event and require help on the night, let us know. We are here to help you stay sharp; from formal black tie events to making sure you are looking crisp at your function.